Tip:  My Fitness Pal is a great calorie tracking tool but it can’t be touted as the bible of the dieting world.  I use and recommend MFP to everyone I start on keto because it is what I am familiar with it and it is the most comfortable app for me to show people how to use.  That being said MFP has it’s drawbacks.  Many items that show in your search results are USER SUBMITTED.  That means the accuracy of the item you’re searching for may not be, well, accurate.  People are fallible and it’s possible the carbohydrate count or anything else may be wrong.  I always recommend to DOUBLE CHECK the items nutritional label against what your MFP pulls up.  If it doesn’t match you must manually enter your own food with the correct nutritional information.

Tip:  Buy a cheap kitchen scale.  Accurately tracking your macros depends on your ability to know exactly how much you put on your plate.  Weigh and track everything until you’re comfortable with portion sizes.  I still still weight every thing I can.

Tip:  The nutritional labels on dairy items may not be completely accurate when it comes to carbohydrate counts.  All dairy based products are made from milk (cheeses and creams) which has naturally occurring milk sugars (lactose) in them.  While the labels state that there are no carbohydrates in them there generally are.  If you get stuck at a weight for awhile it may be worth cutting back on these products in an attempt to jump start your weight loss again.  Also, certain “calorie free” foods may not be entirely calorie free.  According to the FDA website regarding food labels,

The caloric value of a product containing less than 5 calories may be expressed as zero or to the nearest 5 calorie increment (i.e., zero or 5 depending on the level). Foods with less than 5 calories meet the definition of “calorie free” and any differences are dietarily insignificant.

That means if an item has 1 grams of carbs or less in it they’re allowed to omit that from the label and show zero carbohydrates.  (Carbohydrates nutritionally consist of 4 calories per gram.)

Tip:  Maintain your electrolytes!  As you transition into keto you’re going to feel terrible for the first 3-5 days.  You’re going to feel as if you have the flu.  Increasing your electrolytes with Morton’s Lite Salt (MLS) will help lessen the blow of your transition.  MLS has potassium, magnesium and sodium in it which will supplement your diet.  To make a home made gatorade take 1/4 tsp MLS and mix with lemonade Mio in 1 liter of water.  Drink once daily and you will feel better!  This also helps with muscle cramping!

Tip:  You may have issues with hard or loose stools for a few weeks after starting keto.  Maintaining your electrolytes will help.  Also mix benefiber in your morning coffee.  If a laxative is needed use Miralax (polyethylene glycol) as it is the gentlest and is non habit forming.  And just to touch on one other thing – never trust a fart on keto.