Starting Keto in the New Year

Beginning a new diet is commonplace in the new year but it can be overwhelming!  There are plenty of challenges to face when it comes to planning and implementing those plans.  Here are some tips to make sure you are successful in implementing the keto diet to achieve your New Years resolutions.

  1. Going Keto:  Understand what Keto is and what it isn’t.  This seems like an obvious first step but it can be overlooked.  The enthusiasm to start a way of eating that has been shown to be wildly successful can get in the way of having a solid understanding of the diet itself.  If you’re still unsure you can refer to Keto 101 or a book written on the subject such as Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore.
  2. Small Steps:  Change can be hard.  For those who have difficulty going cold turkey on carbs making daily reductions in carb intake may be more effective to implementing keto.  Try reducing daily intake of carbs by 10-20% a day.  The ultimate goal here is to reach 20-50 grams of carbs a day which can be a dramatic drop from what you’re used to if done all at once.  The same goes for replacing carby foods from your cupboards with keto friendly choices.  Every shopping trip try finding substitutes for a few items you would normally buy.  After a few trips to the store you will have eliminated carbs from your kitchen!
  3. Realistic Goals:  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Likewise the extra weight you have accumulated wasn’t put there overnight.  It took months upon months, years upon years of unhealthy eating to gain it.  It will take that long to take it off.  Your first goals should be small and attainable.  Aim to lose 5 to 10% of your body weight as a goal.  When you achieve that do it again.  The same goes for exercise.  The positive reward of attaining a reasonable goal will maintain your motivation to move forward with your new way of eating.
  4. Celebrate:  Achieving a goal is cause to celebrate.  Hit that 5% goal?  Reward yourself with a special treat like a new book or a trip to the spa.  Your successes shouldn’t be celebrated with a “cheat” day but with positive rewards.  If you don’t meet your goals don’t punish yourself.  Just keep working hard so you can earn that reward!
  5. Convert a Friend:  Being accountable to someone else is a strong motivator.  If your spouse or best fiend share your weight loss goals plan to start keto together.  Having a keto buddy can provide your with support, encouragement and inspiration on a regular basis.  Success will come easier if you buddy up!
  6. Track Your Meals:  I can’t stress this enough.  Track your meals.  Track your meals.  TRACK YOUR MEALS.  Yes there are some individuals who can follow a diet without tracking and lose weight but they are the minority.  Following your macros is essential to staying in ketosis and keeping track of them throughout the day is essential  to losing weight.
  7. Exercise:  Weight training.  Cardio.  Going for a walk.  Get off the couch and move.  Getting regular physical activity is essential to weight loss with any diet and is important for cardiovascular and lung health.  Thirty minutes a day.  I don’t care how you get it just do it.

Be proud.  You’ve made the most important decision you could have.  There will be bumps in the road.  There will be failures and there will be triumphs  but equipped with keto, a support system, and a positive attitude, you will be successful.

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