Keto Calculator :  For analyzing your macros. You will need your height, weight and body fat percentage to calculate.  (Visit link below if you don’t know your body fat percentage.)

Body Fat Calculator:  You will need to know your body fat percentage to calculate your macros accurately.  This method isn’t the most accurate but it’s closer than nothing.

Calorie/Macro Tracking: A good way to track your macros (and calories!) to stay on track is MyFitnessPal.  They have an app for mobile devices as well to make tracking on the go a breeze!  Reddit is a great site to find, well, just about anything.  The Keto subreddit is where I discovered Keto.  It’s a great place to find inspiration, keto science and recipes.  (Some links are not safe for work.  They’re usually marked NSFW but occasionally not.)

Facebook page:  Another great subreddit!  Exercise and strength topics are covered here by a community of like minded people!  From the sidebar, “A community driven exploration into the pursuit of physical excellence via ketosis. Whether you want to gain endurance, strength, speed, muscle or a ripped body, it can all be done with keto. Everyone is welcome, it does not matter if you are a veteran or just starting out. The only limit is your willpower.”

Or if you prefer Facebook as your weapon of choice:

Other Sites for Recipes:  Our site strives to be an all inclusive source of recipes for ketogenic eating but for now that is not the case.  While I build the library of tasty meals there are other amazing blogs out there that have great recipe suggestions for you to browse.

  • Reddit /r/ketorecipes.  Reddit user submitted keto recipes.  Some are created by users and some are shared from blogs like this one.
  • Ruled.Me Recipes  This site is the gold standard when searching for new meals.
  • Wicked Stuffed Keto  This site is dedicated to the combination of Paleo (unprocessed natural foods diet) and keto.  The recipes here are also delicious.



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