About Me

IMG_1133First of all let me tell you this…I’m not an expert.  I’m not a dietician, physician or an author.  My name is Jeff and I’m just a regular guy who is sold on Ketogenic eating.  I’ve followed every diet popular in the last 20 years at least once.  Weight Watchers, low fat, South Beach, etc.  The problem is I was never full and eventually became burnt out on every single one of them.  Then the weight I lost came right back every time.  Fed up and nearly 300 lbs I was convinced I would be fat forever until I discovered Ketogenic eating.

While browsing on Reddit I came across a post by a gentleman who was morbidly obese.  He had discovered Keto and followed it for a year.  The before and after photographs he posted were amazing!  Curious, I started searching the Keto subreddit.  There were dozens of before and after photographs of people who all had equally amazing success.  I had to try it.  After all, who doesn’t love eating BACON and WINGS.  I converted to Keto on September 14th, 2014 at 281 lbs.  My wife was resistant to the idea at first but she agreed to modify her cooking for me.  In the first two weeks I lost nearly 20 lbs and she was sold as well.

People noticed this dramatic change and I was cornered on more than one occasion, “How did you do it?” or “What do I have to do to follow your diet?”  Explaining Keto several times a day takes up a lot of my time!  I sporadically post the things I eat to my personal Facebook page and the requests for recipes came flooding in.  That’s how this blog was born.

My goal is to help anyone who wants to break free from traditional low fat (and miserable) diets and start on a journey of ACTUAL weight loss!  I’ll explain the ins and outs of Ketogenic eating, give tips and advice, and most importantly share all the recipes!  Keep calm and Keto on!