Product Review – Kratos Zesty Pepper Beef Bar


I considered making this a recipe only section of my blog.  However there are certain products out there that I love having being on keto.  I feel like I would be shortchanging everyone who comes to my blog if I didn’t share EVERYTHING in my arsenal that has made me successful in losing weight.  That being said I’m going to start doing product reviews for things I love to have around my house!

Enter the Kratos Zesty Pepper Protein Beef Bar.  I love this product and if you need extra protein in your macros this is great to have.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I love beef jerky.  I can sit down and eat an entire bag without giving it a second thought.  However after all that gnawing my jaw HURTS.  The texture of these protein bars is a delightful change.  They’re softer with a texture almost like that of a Slim-Jim.  They’re mildly greasy but not in a way that will stain your clothes.  The flavor is like that of any good peppered jerky.  Overall I’d give these a good rating and would order them again.  Here are the ingredients from the manufacturers website.ingredients_zestyPepperIf you want to order these from Amazon the link is here. Kratos Zesty Pepper Protein Beef Bar. At $2.33/bar and free shipping with amazon prime you can’t go wrong.  Enjoy!